Being a tourist in our own city: Blue Harbor Resort

Mike and I promised Hannah we’d take her to Blue Harbor Resort’s Breaker Bay Waterpark for her eighth birthday and had a total mom/dad fail on that as the months ticked by and we never went. So, last night, I decided that a family trip to the waterpark was in order (before Hannah turned nine in March!) and so tonight we packed up the kids and headed out to play tourist in our own city.

And I have to admit, it was kinda fun! I typically don’t like doing things like this because I find the whole thing to be overstimulating (bright lights, loud noise, too many people). But, fortunately, there was a sparse crowd and the rest was tolerable. We ended up staying for almost three hours!

Mike and I took turns watching Ella, who spent the first two hours being terrified of the water (I think she’s a lot like me and finds environments like that just overstimulating too) but once I pretty much carried her into the pool and twirled around with her a few times, she decided it was pretty fun and then there was no getting her out of the water! Hannah and Isaac played amazing well together and entertained themselves for most all of the night. Mike and I each took turns riding down the slides with Hannah, which she loved. All in all, it was a wonderful evening with my favorite people!

Here’s some pictures from the night, both mine and Mike’s. I realized after editing these that there’s none of Hannah, but I swear she was there with us! We have a lot of video of her riding down the slides, but no still shots!