The Wild Unknown

  • New tarot deck: The Wild Uknown
  • Today's tarot: Past, Present & Future
  • The Wild Unknown - The Magician: The first card in the tarot is a card of great courage.
    The Wild Unknown: The Magician
  • The Wild Unknown: The High Priestess is a card which represents the inner feminine
    The Wild Unknown: The High Priestess
  • The empress features a bare tree, it's white branches infused with pink, purple and red hues, set against a stark black sky.
    The Wild Unknown - The Empress
  • The Emperor is the father archetype, just like the Empress was the mother archetype.
    The Wild Unknown - The Emperor
  • The Hierophant features a large black crow or perhaps a raven, perched high with a key in his talons.
    The Wild Unknown - The Hierophant
  • The Lovers features two black and white Canadian geese, flying to the right in unison across a rainbow-colored sky.
    The Wild Unknown: The Lovers
  • The Chariot card features a large white horse, filling the card, his head in detail and his body less so.
    The Wild Unknown - The Chariot
  • Justice features two cats - one black and one white - with tails entwined. There is absolutely no color on this card.
    The Wild Unknown: Justice
  • The Hermit features an ancient-looking tortoise in black and white with a beautifully decorated shell.
    The Wild Unknown: The Hermit
  • The Wild Unknown - Wheel of Fortune
  • Strength features a strong appearing lion, the sun shining brightly above his head. He holds a white rose in his mouth and there is a golden lemniscate (an 8 on it's side) prominently displayed on his forehead. He is powerful, yet gentle.
    The Wild Unknown: Strength
  • The Hanged Man card is a very simple one - a black bat hangs at rest, upside down against a background that fades from dark into light at the bottom.
    The Wild Unknown: The Hanged Man
  • The Wild Unknown: Death
  • The Wild Unknown: Temperance