Something for the Weekend: Inspiration & Fun Links!

This week has been a good one overall. Still recovering from my implanted port insertion (you can read about that here). I have a 10 pound weight restriction so that meant Ella had to go to daycare all week. I kept Hannah home with me for most of the week and it was nice to have that mother-daughter bonding time. I got all my home health supplies delivered and can now give my own IV fluids and meds when I need them rather than having to schedule an appointment everyday at the hospital which is a huge relief! It makes life so much easier!

Hannah and I did take an hour Thursday to go to the beach at Kohler-Andrae State Park. I shot some photos of her, although the light wasn’t the best seeing as it was midday. Check them out here. The photo above is the boardwalk to north beach, where Mike and I not only had our first kiss but got married (love visiting there).

I made a great deal of progress this week taking photographs and listing all of my huge designer fabric stash on Etsy and eBay that I’ve hoarded over the years. I’m not sewing much anymore because I don’t have the time or the energy. I figure if there’s something I really want to make, I can always buy the fabric I need then. In the mean time, a lot of people are going to be excited to find my huge stash of out-of-print designer fabric. If you’re interested, check out my Etsy site here. I’ve also got the remainder of my Pyrex collection listed there as well. Gotta come up with some way to pay my mounting medical bills as I’m still off of work!

I got a new-to-me car from my parents last week, which was awesome and a huge help financially right now! It’s a very nice used black Lexus ES 300. It needs a little bit of work, so I’ve done things like ordered a new wheel (one of them is bent and the tire slowly looses air) and taken it into the shop to see what engine work needs to be done to get it back up to par. I cannot tell you how nice it is to have a car that isn’t stick … driving a stick shift has gotten to be really difficult for me as I’ve been so sick and weak. And I’m really enjoying all the nice little Lexus luxuries. Big hugs to my parents for helping me out!

This weekend I’m hoping that I’m feeling good because I’ve rescheduled my family shoot I had planned two weeks ago but was too sick to do. We’ve got tons of ideas for locations and poses, now we just have to make it happen! I’m really excited about it!

This week, I’ve:

  • Decided that this Canon 17-55mm f/2.8 lens will be my next camera lens purchase. It’s a very versitile lens and will replace my 17-55 kit lens, which has an f-stop of 4-5.6, meaning it doesn’t let as much light in and it doesn’t give that great background blur (called bokeh). It has image stabilization as well, which is really nice! I have a friend thru a Facebook photography group I belong to who is going to sell me hers as soon as I have the funds for it. Luckily, she’s in no hurry!
  • I edited all the pictures I took of Hannah last weekend. I saved up all my energy for the day and when the gorgeous “golden hour” of light came, we packed up in the car and went to a fun little hidden gem of a spot in Sheboygan and had some fun taking pictures for a half an hour. Check out the gallery here. I can’t believe how old she looks in some of those photos – where is my little girl going?
  • Check out this post of 65 Pictures to Take of Children – tons of great ideas you’ll love to have to look back on someday! Get out your camera and start shooting!
  • Enjoyed this post on How to Remove Extra Stress When You Have A Chronic Illness – very good advice, especially about prepping and planning ahead when you have a good day.
  • Ordered some photography business cards from my favorite place to get cards – Moo! Click here for 20% off your order if you’re in need of some too!
  • Getting excited for Summer School, part of Susannah Conway’s The Inside Story course where she focuses on one or two topics over the course of a week regarding running a “heart-centered business.” I’m hoping for lessons on course creation and building an email subscriber list! The Inside Story has been a wonderful online course and the accompanying Facebook community is amazing if you’re looking to build your online business/blog. Well worth the investment in my opinion!

This weekend is going to be family time and I’m looking forward to it. My husband and Hannah (my middle child) will likely go up north to our cabin. I’m worried about being away from healthcare (it’s in the middle of nowhere in the UP of Michigan five hours from here) so I’ll likely be staying home with Ella (my littlest one). I might take a road trip and visit my parents for a few days if I think I can handle the drive. It’d be nice to have help with Ella as I’m still not supposed to lift her!

So, what’s been inspiring you this week? Spam me with some links to look at! What’s your weekend plan with the holiday coming up? Leave me a comment and let me know!






  • Corey | The Nostalgia Diaries

    Moo’s cards are the best! And thanks for sharing the info on The Inside Story – I need to check that out!

  • Katherine

    Going to the hospital everyday is such hard work, glad you’re on the mend! And love the idea of a new camera lens… yes please 🙂

    • Jen

      I’m almost there … selling stuff on ebay/Facebook/Craigslist … so pretty soon I’ll have that lens! 🙂

  • Kiley D. Smith

    I am planning on spending the Holiday with my family. That is the best type of Holiday when you can spend it with the ones you love!

    • Jen

      Sounds like a lovely extended weekend and I agree – family is the best!

  • Sara M.

    I love the pics of your daughter – I’m especially a sucker for the serious ones. I checked out your links, too, and the list of photos to take of the kids was helpful.

    • Jen

      Thank you! Glad you found the list helpful … sometimes it makes you think of things you wouldn’t ordinarily do!

  • Our Family World

    We’re having a family get together for the long holiday weekend. My sister and her family will be staying with us. My other who lives nearby will be taking Mom to celebrate with us. There’s nothing so nice as to be with family. Hope you feel better soon.

    • Jen

      I agree – family is the best. Glad you got to spend the weekend with yours!

  • Kathryn Minas

    I love the idea of the types of photos you should take of your kids and family. Hope you have a lovely long weekend and that it is restful and relaxing!

    • Jen

      Thank you! Did a family photo shoot this weekend … it was a lot of work, but worth it!

  • Eileen

    I hope you feel better soon. Having a chronic illness is not fun at all. I am diabetic and I know this has no cure. To live with that thought everyday is depressing. Anyway, I still get up every morning, try to be the best I can be and pray at the end of the day for all the blessings I received. We’re going to get through this. We were made to be tough! Stay happy and enjoy every moment life gives us.

    • Jen

      Thank you for this. It is depressing knowing you’re living with something that has no cure … but you’re right, it’s so important to stay positive. I try my best most days to do that and not let on to my children just how serious this is or how sick I am. You’re a tough cookie too … we gotta stay together! Best wishes to you!