Something for the Weekend – Inspiration & Fun Links!

Well, the kiddos have officially been out of school for the last week. I now have a third grader and freshman in high school (how did that happen?!).

It’s been a quiet last two weeks around here and I haven’t felt well for most of it. I’ve been getting IV fluids at the hospital almost daily and my GI doctor agreed last week to let me have a port, so I’m waiting until next Thursday for that surgery. It will be better than getting poked multiple times a week, but at the same time, it’s a very tangible thing and makes me realize just how sick I am. My blood pressure has been in the 80s/40s often when I go to get my fluids, which explains why I am dizzy a lot of the time and tells me that my body clearly needs it. I’m still waiting to get in to see the specialist at Froedert, which isn’t until the 23rd. I’m hoping he has some suggestions for me as to where we go from here. I’m looking forward to feeling better!

I did feel well enough on Wednesday to dress Hannah up in one of the pretty new dresses I bought her and take a drive out to an old abandoned monastary about 30 minutes from here. We got some nice shots although Hannah complained of the light being too bright out for her. You can check the rest of our shoot out over on my photography blog here. It felt really great to shoot again. I’m also super excited because I’m shooting my first family portrait session tomorrow. I’ve been saving up my energy all week! It’s been fun collaborating with the mom to figure out just what she’s looking at capturing – I hope I impress her!

I haven’t been online much this week as I’ve been sleeping as much as I can, but I did find a couple of fun things for you guys!

  • Register here for an 85mm 2.8 lens giveaway for the camera of your choice via Tara Lesher Photography. You can join her amazing Facebook group here. I’ve learned so much from this group and they have an amazing Friday Freebie every other week with wonderful digital downloads for image composites.
  • Creative Market has another great week of freebies, including a wonderful font Oh Wonder, grunge vectors and social media templates. Check them out here.
  • I ended up ordering another set of LimoStudio Softboxs.  My husband accidentally knocked one over the other week and broke the bulb. I threw out the broken bulb and with it, part of the socket (oops!). I ordered new bulbs and when they came in realized the socket was missing a piece. Unfortunately, you can’t buy a single softbox … so I ordered another set – I figure it won’t hurt to have an extra around. They’ve been awesome to have in the studio and I highly recommend them. Check out all my photo studio budget buys here.
  • Here’s a great list of 10 super cheap things to do with your kids this summer by Hava of OnlyGirl4Boyz. Here’s 101 Sidewalk Chalk Ideas to pin for more inspiration! And another 10 Summer Fun Ideas. There’s a few on these lists I’m going to try to do with my kiddos!
  • Enjoying my new-to-me Epiphanie camera bag (blog post about my bag and what’s in it coming next week!). They currently have a special, $50 off any bag with the code SUMMERFUN. I’m drooling over the Quinn in Dark Grey.
  • Been pinning lots of family photography ideas to my Pinterest board Family Photography … gathering inspiration for this weekend’s shoot. I think I’m going to go with an urban theme!
  • I’m working on going thru my huge fabric stash and de-stashing a lot of hard-to-find, out-of-print fabrics over on eBay. Check out my fabric listings here. I’m adding to them as I’m able to take the photos, edit them and write the listings. A little each day (I have a lot of fabric!).
  • Realling liking this Pinterest board Photographing the Everyday by photographer Lindsay Ross. She also has a great post on her blog about the importance of shooting the everyday moments as those are the ones your children will probably cherish when they grow up.

So, what’s been inspiring you lately? Drop me a comment and let me know, or just tell me what you’re up to this weekend!





  • Alicia

    These are great links. Thanks so much for sharing! I gotta go check them out and save to favorites.

  • My Teen Guide

    Thanks for the links. I am going to check each one of them out later. I am interested in those summer activities for kids. 🙂

  • Hannah

    My name is Hannah too 🙂