Something for the Weekend

This week pretty much sucked as I was still recovering from surgery and got sick on top of it. So far, the highlight of the week was celebrating Ella’s second birthday yesterday, though I felt mostly miserable thru it. I can’t wait to feel better and get some more studio shots of her … I have some really cute outfits and headbands I want to use.

Speaking of cameras, I’ve had my new camera nearly two weeks and have barely touched it. I sold my old camera on eBay and got enough money for it that I am able to buy this Canon 60mm f/2.8macro lens (you can read my review of it here), so I’m excited for that!

This week, Nicole from jthreeNMe featured my children’s artwork poster template on her blog here, which was a nice partnership. Hopefully I can find more of those in the future!

Since I’ve spent a lot of time in bed this past week, here’s what I’ve been up to online:

  • Reading this article on Self-Care for Highly Sensitive People by Christy Tending. She has an a great “resource garden” you can gain access to by signing up for her newsletter (which I always enjoy getting in my inbox!).
  • Loving this How to Write a Novel Outline by Life of a Storyteller. Perfect for that memoir I keep telling myself I’m going to write someday!
  • Spring Cleaning my Pinterest Boards. Mine needed a little touch up and there’s some great tricks in this article!
  • Found a great virtual assistant who is going to help me with scheduling some pins and stumbling some of my articles. She’s looking to get started so she’s doing a couple of hours for free … if I love her, I might just have to keep her!
  • Lusting over which camera lenses I want to rent from – they offer a HUGE variety of lenses at really reasonable prices which is a great way to try a lens before you buy it. Check them out here for $25 off your first order! (The lens I want to rent is only $32 for 7 days, so it’s a great savings!).
  • Read this great article by the great Abby Lawson on Selling on Craigslist and Facebook. Recently listed a whole bunch of baby stuff we don’t need and made a little extra cash for it, which felt great … but what felt even better was having it no longer take up room in our basement/garage!
  • Speaking of decluttering, check out this great list of 101 Things to Declutter Without Regret! We have two huge storage units, our basement and garage we’re going to start going thru as soon as it gets warmer and I cannot wait!

So tell me – what’s been inspiring you this week? What plans do you have for the weekend? Drop me a comment and share!








  • Jasmine Hewitt

    Looks like i have a bunch to check out this weekend!

    • Jen

      Hope you find something useful – have a great weekend!

  • Erin @LovePeaceBeauty

    That is such a great list of things to declutter! We moved in November so I still have boxes I’m going through and need to “declutter.” Have a great weekend.

    • Jen

      Thanks! I have a lot to tackle too … it’ll be a great feeling to even make a dent in it! Good luck with yours and have a great weekend!

  • Meg

    Hooray for decluttering…in all aspects of life. Hope you feel better soon!

    • Jen

      Thank you – today is much better! I’m actually going to work and looking forward to it! Hope you have an amazing weekend!

  • Amanda | My Own Unexpected Journey

    Sorry to hear you are still not feeling the best. I hope your recovery continues to go smoothly so you can feel more like yourself again soon! I love the idea of that camera lens rent service. Lenses are such an investment; it would be great to try them out first. My weekend is going to be full of as much spring cleaning that I can cram into the tiny pockets I get in between nursing sessions.

    • Jen

      I hope you got some spring cleaning done! It’s so hard with a baby, I remember those days! That lens rental place is great – I have a few I want to try out! Thank you for the well wishes, I appreciate it!

  • Carrie Ostergard

    This week has been super long been sick. But I have alot blogs ive read this week and its nice to see other moms go through the same things.

    • Jen

      Sorry to hear you haven’t been well. You’re definitely not alone! Here’s to hoping we both start feeling better soon!

  • Corey | The Nostalgia Diaries

    That Novel Outline post is really great — all of these things are! Thanks for sharing.

  • Jessica Peresta

    I just recently decluttered a ton of toys and clothes. Long overdue!

    • Jen

      It feels great to get that accomplished, doesn’t it? Thanks for visiting!

  • Amber Battishill

    This weekend was crazy busy like always! Lots of cleaning, catching upon work, training and family time. I can’t wait to check out that decluttering list.

    • Jen

      Hope you have a slower week planned! As soon as I’m feeling better, I’m definitely tacking that decluttering list!

  • Charissa | thenotsobusymom

    I will have to check out the selling on FB article. I don’t do very well with that, but I definitely have some items I would love to sell. I hope you continue to heal and feel better, Jen. 🙂

    • Jen

      Thank you! I don’t sell of FB very often, but I found it helpful!

  • Nicole

    I like these ideas especially all the Spring cleaning and decluttering ideas here!
    xo, Nicole

    • Jen

      Thank you! I can’t wait to start tacking some of the spring cleaning/decluttering things on my list!