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This past week we celebrated Hannah’s birthday – she’s 8 now! We went out to eat, came home had cake and opened presents. I got Hannah the mother load of art supplies and she was thrilled. Anything to get her off the computer and be a little more creative. Fortunately, she’s loves making art (just like her mama!) so it was a huge hit.

I worked the past few nights and am looking forward to just being home with the family this weekend. We might go to the water park Friday night at Hannah’s request as a late birthday treat, so that should be fun. Especially seeing Ella play in the water. I’ll be sure to bring my camera!

In the meantime, I’ve been:

  • Dealing with Bluehost and their customer service after my entire site crashed when I updated a plug-in for WordPress that I don’t even use on my site (oops!). It was the middle of the night and their customer service was actually very helpful and got things up and running again for me. I had debated switching hosting companies for this coming year, but think I’ll probably stick with them for now. If I were going to start over, I’d probably go with SiteGround. (Note to my peeps: backup your site now, you never know when you’ll need it and always install updates to your theme when they’re released!)
  • Enjoying playing with my new tarot deck, the Lumina Tarot. (Review coming soon!)
  • Shooting some blog pictures in the studio like the one above. I got a fun furry rug from TJ Maxx, along with a stationary tray and coffee mug, which pretty much sums up how I feel every time I get up: I can’t even…. I cleaned off one of our dressers in the bedroom and made myself a little altar there which feels very calming and centering. I’m using it to hold my tarot deck of the day and the cards I drew for inspiration.
  • Giving some serious thought to upgrading my Canon from the T3i to the Canon T6i if I can figure out how to afford it. I’ve come to the conclusion that the full-frame camera I really want is WAY out of my budget, but the T6i has a lot of improvements that I think I would really enjoy, like more frames per second, higher ISO, wireless capabilities …
  • Working on getting a roundup post together about the best art supplies for children for next week.
  • Spending time over in the Elite Photography Coaching Group on Facebook. I’ve been able to post my straight out of the camera and edited photos and receive feedback on what I could do to improve the images … it’s been super helpful!
  • Pinning a lot of resources to my Writing a Book Pinterest board and enjoying working on the #WRITINGMOJOMARCH challenge by Sharon Zink which is a 10-day email course designed to get you writing!
  • Shopping for cute Gladiator moccasins via Monkey Feet USA. They’re my go-to for moccasins for the last nearly two years! Their Gladiators are only available until tonight and are $15/pair with promo code SUMMER.

What been inspiring you this week? What are you up to this weekend?











  • Tabitha Blue

    Such a great way to round up the week. And ugg, those site issues can be the worst!! I’m glad yours worked out well though!

  • Reeni

    This is a great list!! Thanks for sharing! I would be interested in a post about best art supplies for kids!!

  • Tineke - workingmommyabroad

    Happy birthday for your girl! And dealing with site issues is the worst!

  • Katie Kinsley

    ahahah, great message on your coffee cup! On the plus side, I pay for my hosting and I’ve never had any hosting problems…ever…

  • Vicki @ Babies to Bookworms

    I will have to check out your Writing a book board. I have been seriously putting some thought into getting going on book writing!

  • Kate

    Looooove the rug! I need to go check our TJM for one! 😜 I’ve been having some Bluehost issues,’too, and simply haven’t taken the time to really deal with it. My big kids are staying with my parents this week so hopefully I’ll have time to get to a few of the things on my
    “To Do” list

  • Kate

    Well that sounds like the makings of a great weekend! Not sure the pricing of the Canon 6 but I have a 5 and found it reasonably priced and love it 🙂

  • Stephanie

    Oh I had issues with blue host and switched to siteground. They are amazing!

  • Lisa

    Sounds like a busy week. I am working on a new book and some changes to one of my websites. I spend the weekends doing non-client work. So it’s ‘work’ but it’s not really work. lol

  • Jennifer Corter

    Sounds like a busy weekend! I think I will definitely have to check out that photography group on Facebook – I need all the help I can get LOL.