Jennadesigns has been my creative writing outlet for the last 9 years. It’s my hope that it will continue to grow into a place where not only I can share my heart and tips with others, but a community where we can all grow together.

Here  you’ll find:

  • A repertoire of posts about all things life – the joys and the sorrows. I believe in being authentic. I believe that when you speak honestly about the raw moments in life that you’ll experience a freeness that will encourage you to share even more. You’ll find that you’re a lot less alone than you think.
  • Tons of information and tips about arts and crafts, photography and design.
  • Book reviews, showcases of inspiring artists and my experiences exploring tarot cards and their meanings.
  • The occasional posts about about being successful at blogging and social media.

Hey there, I’m Jen!

I am a young thirty-something who’s learning to go after my dreams with all that I am and to embrace the entire journey with arms wide open. I am a Wisconsin native, who’s now living in Sheboygan, a smallish city on the shores of Lake Michigan. I am married to my best friend Mike. I am so blessed to be doing life with him. I am the mama to three beautiful children: Isaac, age 13; Hannah, age 7; and Ella, 1 year. I love writing, taking pictures and deep thinking. It’s very important to me to invest into others and speak truth into their lives. I am after a life full of authenticity, grace and truth. When I’m not writing here or tending to my family, I am helping mamas welcome new life into this world as a labor and delivery nurse.

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Again, I am so glad you’re here! I hope you’ll stick around!