365 Project: Week Two

I had to get a little creative this week for photos since it is the middle of January in Wisconsin and that doesn’t leave a lot of available light to shoot in outside and there are only so many shots of Ella in the bathtub that you want to see (or I want to shoot). So, I started packing my camera with me on errands and got one shot I really love of Ella in the shopping cart during a quick trip to Walmart. I guess the point of this project is to both get me out of my comfort zone and prompt me to document the everyday and a short trip to Walmart for cat food and a little makeup certainly qualified.

Here’s my images for week two:


I’m a big believer in having fresh cut flowers in your home, especially during the winter months when everything is dead outside. They’re just good for the soul.


Some of my favorite things: a vintage flower frog and a Polaroid of my baby girl.


My little mini-me!


We got out of the house today, despite the dreary weather though someone was still in her pajamas!


My middle child, imitating what I do best!


Popsicles while naked? Why of course mom!


I happen to love this brick wall in the tiny little UP town of Trenary, MI that we drive by on the way to our cabin. I’d always wanted to snap a photo of it and the last time we were up there, I pulled over and did just that!