30-day Mental Cleanse Challenge

Last month, two bloggers I follow – Kiara at Blissfully Brunette and Erin from A Welder’s Wife – undertook the 30-day Mental Cleanse Challenge. I enjoyed following their progress weekly and have been motivated to give it a shot the month of March. It just sounds like a nice way to ease into spring and something my mind and body is telling me it needs!

So, what does the challenge entail? Kiara and Erin came up with 30 different challenges, organized into four themed weeks. According to Kiara:

“This will be unique compared to the decluttering posts and challenges you may have participated in on the blog. These challenges will help you achieve mental balance and clarity in the new year.”

The themes

  • Week one – Self-care
  • Week two – Exercise
  • Week three – Cleanse
  • Week four – Positivity

(graphic courtesy of Erin at A Welder’s Wife)

According to Kiara and Erin, this challenge is perfect for you if you are looking to cleanse your mind, focus on calmness and self-care, enjoy the simple moments in life and explore new mental-based challenges every day. Considering my word for 2017 is nourish, this sounded like the perfect opportunity to bring a little bit of all of that into my life.

So, Wednesday begins the challenge!

The first week of challenges: Self-Care

  • March 1: Set two goals you would like to achieve during this challenge
  • March 2: Treat your face to a special pampering facial
  • March 3: Go for a walk
  • March 4: Journal for 15 minutes
  • March 5: Go to bed 30 minutes earlier than normal
  • March 6: Make a gratitude list of everything you are grateful for in your life
  • March 7: Take a long bubble bath

So far, I’m thinking most of these are very do-able but not something that I do on a regular basis. I’m not a fan of bubble baths, so I might have to substitute a long, hot shower instead.

If you want to see how Kiara and Erin did, head over to their blogs and check out their weekly check-ins (links in the first paragraph of post) and check out their final thoughts here and here. I’m hoping I can be as successful as they were!

Tomorrow it starts! Any of my readers want to join me this March? Drop me a line and we can be accountability partners!










  • Jackie | Fresh Fit Florida

    Ooh exciting! I followed their journeys too so I’m excited to see how you do as well!

  • Erin | A Welder's Wife

    Jen, I am so excited to follow you along in this challenge! It was an amazing experience for Kiara, others participating, and myself! I know you will enjoy it!

    • Jen

      Thanks! I’m looking forward to it, though a little worried how it’s going to work with my schedule (I work three 12-hour night shifts a week as a labor and delivery nurse so I’m often sleeping at night and my bedtime is all messed up!).

  • katriza

    I love this idea of a mental cleanse! It would be great to unwind from all the things blocking my ability to truly enjoy life!

    • Jen

      That’s what I’m hoping to do, one day at a time!

  • Shann Eva

    This sounds like such a great challenge. I’m definitely in need of a cleanse and a re-charge. Self-care has been taking a back seat to everything else lately.

  • Laina Turner

    This sounds like a good way to handle things!

  • Shane Prather

    I have been feeling entirely too stressed lately due to being constantly connected. I would love to jump on board the cleanse next month too!

  • Gladys

    I definitely need to do this! I might just make the hubbyb do it too!

  • Alison

    Totally doing this with a couple coworkers! It’s great to have people to help keep you motivated and accountable 🙂

  • Jose Trejo

    This is such a great post! Your idea is really creative and you got some good points. I really enjoyed reading this and will take your tips.

  • Murielle Marie

    This is a wonderful challenge Jenna. I love the four distinct parts, and how the focus shifts every week. Thanks for sharing x